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  • 1880 (852 KB)
    Clora and Jacob have one child together as they married in 1879 in Iowa.
  • 1900 (2349 KB)
    Clora and family live next to her married daughter's family in Kansas.
  • 1870 as a young teen (449 KB)
    With her parents in Iowa, James Miller of Virginia and Mary Clara Parker of Ohio....Mary's parents were Rosannah Lemmon and Dr. Wanton Horatio Parker and Wantons' parents were Sarah Tefft and Archelaus Parker of New York Indian Country - 1850 United States Federal Census about Archelaus Parker Name: Archelaus Parker Age: 72 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1778 Birth Place: Massachusetts Gender: Male Home in 1850(City,County,State): Harpersfield, Ashtabula, Ohio
  • 1860 (678 KB)
    Clora Miller as a young child with many other relatives on this census, Millers and Parkers and her Uncle Robert Miller is on the next page - this page indicates that Clora was born in Illinois.............
  • Resources (1032 KB)
    Helpful Websites
  • Branches (803 KB)
    Others near Miller migrated Southward.
  • Sarah Tefft (14 KB)
    Rhode Island History
  • Cherokee Children (53 KB)
  • 1915 Kansas (28 KB)
    Aunt Ruth Coonfield with Charles Gray, holding Luella's twins
  • Cherokee Mom (16 KB)
    Annie Lee Carter changed her name to Anne Alice Carter, because she had no idea that her grandmother was Annie Lee Stone Fenn Carter born about 1875, so she chose to use her own mother's name Alice. Annie Lee Stone might have been the full blood Cherokee we are searching for. Of course Annie Lee Stone might have married a half blood Wm Fenn in 1893 as we see the Cherokee blood runs strong in his mother's line of Harrell.
  • Uncle Billy Carter born 1935 (63 KB)
    Handsome Cherokee son of Cecil Earl Fenn Carter grew up to be security guard in Enid Oklahoma
  • Cherokee Great Grandparents (12 KB)
    Grandparents of Frankie Lavern Cochran left Kentucky for Arkansas, Benjamin Coonfield and Latte Cedonia Little.
  • Obituary Teegardin (177 KB)
    Frank's cousin Dorline Gray Teegardin
  • Emma Lorena Bozeman McClain (7 KB)
    Ramer Alabama Her Cherokee mother was Emma Alice Lorena Stephens
  • Obituary Cochran (62 KB)
    Frank's sister Mary Lou
  • Wm Franklin Fenn Jr b 1896 (10 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama
  • Uncle Sam and Nancy Little (10 KB)
    Luella's Uncle
  • Cecil Earl Fenn Carter, brother of W F Fenn Jr (13 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama born 1899 or 1900 died 1939
  • 1972 (48 KB)
    July 14, 1972 Charles and Kathy with Anne and Mary on Kiwanis Street
  • Robert Lee Fenn, brother of W F Fenn Jr (13 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama headstone found buried beside his brother, although Robert never appeared on the census
  • 1977 (47 KB)
    Charles and Kathy in friend's wedding
  • Emma Alice McClain Carter, wife of Cecil (2 KB)
    Ramer Alabama, daughter of Lorena Bozeman McClain
  • 1996 (79 KB)
    Funeral of Frankie Cochran December 1996. On Christmas Eve he hugged Kathy and said I love you more than you will ever know and at 3 am he was gone. Brother Darrell and sister Mary Lou shown by Deloris
  • William Lawrence Carter, son of Cecil & Alice (16 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama
  • Bubber - Bessie Mae Hood Thornton (114 KB)
    second photo is her daughter Mary Ella Thornton Brooks with her children
  • Uncle Emmett Fenn Obit 1959 (21 KB)
    Grandpa Cecil's brother
  • Cherokee Stephens Family (170 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama, from NC
  • Charles Allen McClain wed Lorena Bozeman 1908 (17 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Stephens, W E (72 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Sam (121 KB)
    riding horses
  • McClains, Charles and son Walton (25 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • 1980 (295 KB)
    Frank Cochran at Shriners Construction Site
  • OOTCHA Annie Broadway (49 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • 1850 (380 KB)
    Michael Stone in Macon County Alabama, Anna Stone Fenn's great grandfather came from Maryland
  • FENN, Virginia Leigh, daughter of WF Fenn JR (4 KB)
    Bullock Alabama
  • 1820 (482 KB)
    Charles McClain and Elizabeth Moon in Spartanburg had son Josiah who had James who had Josiah Marion McClain who served in the Civil War and marrie Elizabeth Broadway who had a son named Charles Allen McClain in Dublin Alabama
  • Carter, Mark b 1950 (5 KB)
    NC, son of Cecil Carter Jr
  • 1860 (472 KB)
    Elizabeth Broadway with parents Mary S. Stephens and Abner Broadway may have been Creek Indian Blood
  • 1956 Dad (30 KB)
    Living in Mesa Arizona, one of my dad's receipts for pay at his job.
  • 1850 (683 KB)
    Joe Stephens age 4 served in the Civil War and had a daughter named Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman
  • 1957 Arizona (23 KB)
    Living in Mesa Arizona, Uncle Billy took this picture of my family and his first wife Lillian.
  • 2000 (31 KB)
  • 1959 Alabama (20 KB)
    Easter Sunday with Roscoe and Katy Coley's grandson, Mike Carr - Kathy, Jr. Vic
  • Mary and James Brooks (67 KB)
    Acapulco Vacation
  • Carter (33 KB)
    Victoria, daughter of Cecil Jr.
  • Surveying Greenwood Cemetery (55 KB)
    Fenn family plot owned by Orr is quite a mystery that surely some of the relatives can resolve.
  • Grandfather JACOB COCHRAN
    Grandmother Lorena's WebPage ..
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    Early Settlers
    Bozeman - Cochran Relations
    Family Research
  • Jacob migrated into Graham County about 1882
  • Frank and Luella married in 1914 and settled in Labette Co
  • Van Meter Springs KY- Anthony Thompson & Geo Little Graves
  • Leo Little's Research
  • Leo News Article
  • 1867 Voter List
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